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Where Compliance Meets Confidence

Leading Long-Term Care: Proven Processes for Privacy and Data Security Across Departments

We understand that long-term care providers face unique challenges in securing data in so many places.  Our mission is to build competencies among Compliance Officers and senior leaders so they can effectively manage privacy and data security across an organization.  We accomplish this through our step-by-step ABCs to HIPAA Compliance guide –  and our HIPAA Expert on Call service to help with questions.

Assisted Living and Home Health
Group Homes & IFCs
Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitation & Memory Care
Addiction Rehabilitation 
Behavioral Care 

The ABCs to HIPAA Compliance Plan & HIPAA Expert on Call Service

Guarded Edge harnesses HIPAA compliance for what it is:  A baseline cybersecurity plan.  


Our subscription program includes:

  • A guide to step-by-step processes to secure data in compliance with HIPAA.

  • Access to a HIPAA On Call Expert to answer simple questions relating to privacy and security policies, risk assessment and breach response preparedness.*


We also offer:

  • Comprehensive training, geared for seniors leaders who manage and oversee data security protections across an organization.  (Trouble awaits if you silo it in IT!)

  • Consulting packages to meet the specific needs of provider organizations. 

*We will respond to questions from subscribers within 48 hours. This service is designed to answer simple questions relating to policy requirements, risk assessment, and breach reporting preparedness. Limitations apply at our discretion.

Subscribe Now

For just $159 per month, our subscription plan provides you with unparalleled peace of mind and expert guidance in mastering HIPAA compliance.

“In surveys following training with Diane and Michelle, we consistently see excellent reviews.  After one session, a member wrote that she felt every minute was important.  Another, who participated in a marketing course on what's allowable under HIPAA, said it was among the best training she had ever received.  What's important to us is that our members are building competencies in best practices in data security, specific to residential care.  The material is presented so that senior leaders understand what they need to know to manage and track where private data resides, where it can go, and how best to protect it.” 

Melissa Fannon

Director of Events & Strategic Partnerships

Ohio Provider Resource Association 

Our Commitment to You

Guarded Edge will guide you through proven practices to manage data security with tracking and accountability.  Our job is to equip you with the tools and insights needed to achieve and sustain compliance, safeguard sensitive information and mitigate risks, The goal is to create a culture of daily vigilance across your organization – and that is where compliance meets confidence.

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