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Expert Guidance, Practical Solutions: Guarded Edge's Training Program Delivers Results

Guarded Edge training programs offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of healthcare organizations in skilled nursing and home health care, rehabilitation and related long-term care sectors. 


Our programs equip senior leaders and managers  with the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out requirements of job roles to ensure privacy and data across departments.



Our curriculum takes an action-oriented approach, providing participants with practical tools such as checklists and benchmarks to systematically manage data security. Developed through extensive research and more than seven years of consulting experience, our training program breaks down privacy and data security management into clear step-by-step processes.

Our Training Program Offers:


  • A means to comply with federal requirements to train leaders and team members to carry out privacy and responsibilities specific to job roles.

  • An action-oriented approach to break down the HIPAA compliance process into manageable steps.

  • A curriculum developed from consulting experience, extensive research, and close attention to evolving threats and regulations.

Our Training Approach:


  • We build competencies, one topic at a time, in narrowly defined facets of privacy and data security.

  • Our action-oriented instructions consistently receive excellent reviews in post-training surveys.

  • We teach manageable tasks and offer recommendations on assigning duties to specific job roles.

Our Step-by-Step Instruction Includes:


  • Required organizational groundwork.

  • Recommendations on assigning tasks.

  • Specific management tasks.

  • Benchmarks for evaluating and measuring success.

  • Checklists to keep you on track.

Example Training Program

Turn to Guarded Edge training today to equip your team with the knowledge and tools to implement effective data security protections with confidence. Click the button below  for the full training catalog.

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