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Your Partner in HIPAA Compliance: Meet Guarded Edge

Our tailored training solutions will empower your team with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to navigate the complexities of HIPAA's privacy and security regulations.  When senior leaders develop competencies, then they know what to do to effectively manage data security across your organization.

With seven years of experience in long-term care and rehabilitation, our services meet the specific needs of nursing homes, intermediate care facilities, group homes, addiction rehabilitation centers, home health care, and behavioral health and aging services.

Our Mission


At Guarded Edge, our mission is to be a partner in upholding the trust of individuals served and the good name of your organization. We do that by equipping leaders with clear and validated processes for protecting confidentiality and data security. 

Our Approach


The management of privacy and data security on a daily basis requires knowledge and detailed processes. Organizations need – and are expected to have – far more than check-the-box training or cursory oversight.  Our comprehensive solutions equip senior leaders to know what to track, and tasks to assign to assure accountability across an organization.

Meet the Founders

Diane Evans, Principal


Diane Evans is a leading authority in the realm of HIPAA compliance. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Diane writes extensively on HIPAA compliance issues, offering invaluable insights and guidance to healthcare professionals and organizations.

Her expertise has been recognized in esteemed publications such as Compliance Today, the peer-reviewed journal of the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA), The Compliance & Ethics blog, and McKnight's Long-Term Care News. Diane's contributions provide a comprehensive understanding of the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare compliance.

In addition, Diane has authored and conducted accredited training programs on HIPAA compliance for state and national associations, including HCCA.  Her commitment to education extends to the legal community, where she has provided Continuing Legal Education for the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, empowering legal professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate HIPAA regulations effectively.

Diane Evans stands as a trusted resource and advocate for HIPAA compliance, dedicated to supporting healthcare organizations in their efforts to protect patient privacy and uphold regulatory standards while also upholding the trust of individuals served.


Michelle Berma, Co-Founder


Through consulting and training development, Michelle Bermea excels in assessing the foundational structures necessary for compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). With a Juris Doctor degree from American University Washington College of Law, earned in 2012 with a specialization in health law, Michelle brings a unique blend of legal expertise and healthcare knowledge to her role.

Prior to specializing in data security under HIPAA, Michelle gained valuable experience at esteemed institutions such as the Advisory Board Company, a renowned healthcare research firm. Her professional journey also includes roles at the U.S. Capitol and the International Monetary Fund, where she honed her analytical skills and deepened her understanding of regulatory frameworks.

Michelle Bermea's dedication to evaluating and mitigating organizational risks under HIPAA is rooted in her passion for ensuring the integrity of healthcare systems and protecting patient privacy. With her comprehensive background and commitment to excellence, Michelle plays a pivotal role in empowering organizations to navigate the complexities of HIPAA compliance with confidence.

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