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Welcome to Guarded Edge's Subscription Plan


Your essential resource for mastering the ABCs of HIPAA Compliance with the added convenience of access to a HIPAA Expert on Call to answer simple questions.

Get peace of mind with Guarded Edge's Subscription Plan, your essential resource for mastering HIPAA Compliance for just $159/month. Gain access to expert guidance whenever you need it, ensuring you're always equipped to navigate the intricacies of healthcare regulations. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to confidence in safeguarding sensitive information.



About the “ABCs of HIPAA Compliance” Guide

Navigating the intricate landscape of HIPAA regulations can be overwhelming. That's why Guarded Edge has crafted the ABCs of HIPAA Compliance*, a proprietary guide to simplify data privacy and security management practices and ensure a route to compliance for your organization.

Our guide divides essential tasks into five categories, leading you through crucial steps to proactively manage your information. From laying groundwork, to executing our EDGE Risk Assessment, we guide you every step of the way.

To carry out tasks identified in the guide, subscribers receive two templates to help meet federal standards:

  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment Grid

  • Privacy & Security Policies and Procedures Manual

  • Annual Work Plan 

Guarded Edge's Risk Assessment template has seven sections for you to complete:

Before you get started!

Document your answers to the questions below:

  • How do you ensure your organization is in compliance with HIPAA?

  • Has your organization performed a Risk Assessment before?

    • If so, do you review and update your Risk Assessment(s)?

A completed Risk Assessment should be reviewed and updated periodically

and in response to any operational changes or security incidents

Snapshot of the ABC’s of HIPAA Compliance Guide included in your subscription

What is HIPAA?

HIPAA is a federal law that regulates the privacy and security of protected health information of the individuals your organization serves.

What is considered protected health information? Any information that is individually identifiable:

About the HIPAA Expert on Call service included in your subscription:

We understand that queries often arise while navigating risk assessments, implementing data security policies or preparing contingency plans in the event of a breach.  Our HIPAA Expert on Call service allows you to email us anytime with simple questions regarding processes and best practices for protecting privacy and data security within your organization. We'll respond to your inquiries within 48 hours.  Restrictions apply.*

 Don't let HIPAA compliance complexities confuse you.  Enroll as a Guarded Edge subscriber today and take charge of your data privacy and security with confidence.

Purchase Now!

Limited-Time Offer: $159/month



Coming soon: Online Courses for Privacy and Security Management!

*The HIPAA Expert on Call service is specifically designed to address simple inquiries related to implementing privacy and data security protections under HIPAA. Policy drafting, risk assessment facilitation, or breach response will be quoted separately. Our discretion will prevail in determining inquiries within the scope of the subscription plan.

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