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PRESS RELEASE: New Privacy & Data Security Training for Senior Leaders in Long-Term Care

Updated: Jun 30

Akron, OH - Guarded Edge LLC, in partnership with the nonprofit Ohio Provider Resource Association (OPRA), announces new accredited training geared for Compliance Officers and senior leaders within long-term care.  The training will cover both good business practices and administrative requirements under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 

“We know of no other training available that uniquely focuses on what long-term care providers must do to demonstrate good-faith management of data security,” said Diane Evans, founder of Guarded Edge. 

Upcoming sessions will cover processes for managing privacy and data security across departments. Each participant will receive a copy of the presentation as a helpful tool for future reference. A list of best practices and high-priority privacy and security tasks will also be included as added resources. 

Upon completion of the course, OPRA will issue each participant 1 HRCI credit hour.  Following the training, participants may email any questions relating to the course material to Evans at

Topics covered in the session:

  • How to build a HIPAA Team

  • Key HIPAA requirements

  • Staff responsibilities 

  • Required preparation in the event of a breach 

Learning Objectives and Competency Building for:

  • Managing data security across departments

  • Assuring accountability for implementing and tracking best practices for data security

  • Developing a culture of vigilance in the routine handling of private information

Bonus Resources:

A list of best practices and high-priority security tasks to help participants get started.

Sign up through the OPRA website at and click on “Events” from the menu on the homepage.


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